Little pugs <3



Cute little dates ; fights & fishes


Kent picked me up around 3 because he had to go to the gym and I got so frustrated! We ended up getting into a fight because he said “whatever” to me and I felt really bad so I began to tell him things.
He come over to get me and I’m already mad at him and once I’m mad I can’t stop!
We go all the way to krome for a little festival and I was acting so stupid and saying I didn’t want to go to the farm! ( WHY DID I SAY THAT ? )
He gets so mad at me he shuts the door and drives off , cursing and all! ** 2 hours later when we make up**
We went to Walmart and got little wormies ❤
We set out a towel under a big ole' tree and sat there talking about how much we care about one another and it was the calmest evening …. ( atleast half of the evening lol )

Cute little dates ; macaroni grill


Kent and I had finally made a year , a whole year fighting , kissing and loving.
I remember when we first met like it was yesterday !
He means the world to me and I’m so happy to have him now our date…

We drove up to macaroni grill around 8 and we sat down and laugh per at our waiter because he seemed new to the restaurant and didn’t know much also, my seat kept moving all over the place and I’m pretty sure I broke the chair.
I ordered the Mama Trio which has lasagna, spaghetti ( angel hair ) , and some other extra carbs looking thing.
It was soooo good however, I couldn’t eat it all .. I was too concentrated on his smile and his laugh and the noise of his gulps.
Afterwards, we went to his car and sat there for 10 whole minutes thinking of what we would do next and finally I said “let’s get mcflurrys?” And so we did…
I got a little Oreo mcflurrys and Kent got an ice cream sundae.
We went home to cuddle and watch movies and soon after it was already 10 and my lover boy had left ❤

Sonia Kashuk liner and gel liner review


As you can tell on my Instagram , Twitter and other social media that I’m a HUGE fan of winged eyeliner, I wear it almost everyday because I love the little Asian effect it makes on my eyes. I see so many beginners at my school and I hate to say this but yes.. I am judging you ladies . No need to feel hurt because I’ve been there too!

This product is instores only at target andas we all know I love target.
Sonia kashuk is a replica of M.A.C and unfortunately I’m not able to afford Mac all the time 😦 therefore, I settle for my little target around the corner and go straight to Sonia kashuk!

The brush I have is
“Sonia Kashuk® Core Tools Bent Eyeliner Brush – No 107”
The brush is a thick handle with a little bent on it for the usage of a perfect eyeliner wing. I’ve been searching forever for a cheap good quality liner and I’m elated I found this one.
The hairs of the brushed stay together so there is no mess on your eyes and is really easy to clean .

The next product I have is :
In the color “Ebony”
This is defiantly a MUST HAVE product . The formula is rich and creamy and the color sets into this beautiful intense, inky black.
The color doesn’t smear everywhere and I have very oily skin throughout the day and I love that I can trust this product to stay in its place the entire day.
$8.99 5/5